“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” C.S Lewis

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Welcome. Sit a spell. Put your feet up. There's no hurrying here...

Hi there. I'm Kevin, 37 year old dad from the UK. Like so many others in this interconnected world of ours I have things that I like and things that I dislike, and a seemingly never ending desire to share my views on these things with the world out there.

We like to think it's out of some sense of helping others to find their way around a new part of existence that they may not have experienced yet, but really we just like to think of people out there reading what we wrote and maybe having a smile...

Anyway, for a while now I've had a blog over at If I touch it, will it break? which is very infrequently updated and tends to be about things that annoy me. If you read that blog you'd probably get the impression that I'm quite a grumpy man. But it's not true, I am very far from being that person. I am a person who seeks out the joy in life when I can. And some of the things that make me happy are reading books and drinking tea.

So, this will be a blog about reading books and drinking tea. I may occasionally stray into other areas, such as photography which is another passion of mine, but on the whole I'm going to keep it pretty focused. I'm hoping that way I might actually manage to keep on keeping on.

So, like I said, welcome. Sit a spell, you all come back now, you hear?

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